Mr. Meloy's Class

My name is Mr. Bert Meloy and I have been teaching at Aquin for some time. I am excited to be teaching the third grade again this year. This year I will be teaching religion, GUM, DOL, phonics, spelling, handwriting, science, social studies and art. The purchase of new social studies books assures us of having a new and exciting class as we learn more about our country and its varied culture and its vast array of resources. We will be going to mass every Tuesday morning and will have prayer sercices on special days or occasions. We will also be traveling to the Mississippi River Museum in Dubuque in the spring as part of our social studies activities.
      We have now completed  15 weeks of the sch00l year, and I have a good understanding of what the class can and cannot do. They have been much better at listening and now understand how we headline phonics, how we list our GUM assignments, how we plan and do our lesson reviews in social studies, and what to do in spelling and how to study our spelling lists. 
       The class will be doing  some really nice projects on amphibians and their habitats and I will include some of them to view here on my website. Also, we have been doing assignments and working in class on handwriting, DOL, analogies ,weekly reader, and how to make a complete and meaningful sentence.
        This year